If we stand together, we can accomplish much as we can in order to help those who are in need or marginalized people.

It's our aims to help people who are in distress, suffering and poverty. All work in association relies on voluntary. We need your support and assistance to help vulnerable and all people in need in order and alleviate poverty in our society.

The Neighborhood International Association is a voluntary association that has purpose to help vulnerable, fight against poverty and environmental protection.

We support poor people in various fields such as education, health and environmental protection, through capacity building with a focus on sustainable development of the needy population.

The association is fundraising finance and asking different donations such as clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies and stationary, sanitary equipment and any other valuable assets in order to assist the   vulnerable people in developing countries. We offer the opportunity to come to work voluntarily in our association to help others they need help.

The Neighborhood International Association (NIF) works with both development and emergency relief also the Association aims to help people in distress, suffering and poverty, all work in association relies on voluntary.

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