The association is for you and us to help those who are in need and marginalized and vulnerable people.

The neighborhood International Association is non-profit organization that has humanitarian mission and operated on voluntary will.


The following values should strictly guide us:

- Charity and Fraternity

- Every human being has infinite worth, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and religion.

- Man is born to live together

- Human development is done by getting - and assume - responsibility.

- Open and honest dialogue overcomes prejudices.

- Equality and Solidarity

- Mutual Respect

- Spirit of service

- Integrity and transparency

- Participation


We are helping the association, which works to provide vulnerable people a better future, for sustainable development of society.


NIF is a danish aid association of volunteers working to provide some of the world's vulnerable people such as children, youth and adult a better future through education, health, safety and environmental protection. Meting is part of the association, which is a non-profit organization; we support humanitarian and social projects, locally and internationally. Society stands on four legs with membership as the supporting leg

1. Cooperation

2. Projects

3. Partnership

4. Commitment

The association has a humanitarian character for framing and support unaccompanied children and vulnerable people for fighting against poverty. Promoting the welfare and well–being of the population through education, health campaign and environmental protection programs.

Fight against poverty eradication by promoting Income-generating activities among disadvantaged people.Promoting women development and the rights of children in developing countries.




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